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C9020-560 Online Test-IBM Midrange Storage Sales V3

We provide 10 questions for IBM C9020-560 online test. Answer one question correctly, you can get 10 points. The content of these questions are the latest exam content. Please feel free to test your skill level.

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1. A customer has a project to consolidate its Windows servers environment to VMWare and needs to design a new backup/restore solution to simplify and integrate it into the VMWare administrator interface. Which IBM software solution will address the requirement?


2. A customer has a requirement for a low cost tape library. The library must support separation of library resources (tape drives and cartridge slots) for four different application servers. Which tape library would the sales specialist recommend?


3. The customer currently has standalone servers with internal storage and wants to add SAN storage to its environment. What is the least cost option for connecting storage to the existing host systems?


4. An IBM Business Partner is meeting with a large manufacturing customer for the second time. In a previous meeting the backup administrator mentioned that end-of-month processing slows to a crawl when backing up data. After an assessment, the Business Partner finds that the tape solution in place is several years old and coming off lease in 2 months. Who will make the decision to fund this project?


5. According to IBM messages to the marketplace, many customers are deploying analytics and big data systems. What is the least important factor regarding ‘Infrastructure matters’?


6. A customer is looking for a software tool which enables storage for cloud computing, common functions like thin provisioning, advanced analytics and tiering, snapshots, Metro-Global Mirroring as well as the definition of service classes for storage and enables self-service provisioning. Which solution should you recommend?


7. A customer is looking for a backup to disk solution for its Windows environment.Which solution should you recommend?


8. A customer is looking for a storage solution that offers functions like Metro and Global mirroring, point-in-time copy, automated multi-tiering, iSCSI, FCP and direct SAS connectivity to the hosts. Which product should the sales representative recommend?


9. A customer has a small IT staff and needs to optimize performance.Which included function of the Storwize family is required for a customer to automatically manage storage performance with no administration overhead?


10. A customer wants to consolidate the storage infrastructure and currently has CIFS, NFS and FCP attached storage devices. Which single storage product aligns with the customer’s needs?


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